Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Character Description

Your eyes are first stolen by her friendly smile. It launches out through her cheeks and steals everyone's focus. Across her face are wrinkles that slide down around the edges of her eyes, forehead and lips and compliment her happiness. Whenever she goes to the gardens, the corner of her cheeks blend in with roses, making them invisible to the human eye. Her eyes lock into yours and they remind you of the depthless, twinkling sea. She catches you staring and limps slightly closer. The smell of sweet treats draws you into a daze of all things light and bubbly.

She invites you to come bake apple pie with her, and afterwards come and bring them to her neighbours houses. You simply just can't disagree. You enjoy your time with her and she doesn't care if your baking skills are messy. She lets you stick your finger in the dense, warm pie and be a taste tester. You start to go into your bubbly daze again.

You have a look around her house and you can see her family photo with her grandchildren. Underneath the photos, you see wrapped presents; they must be for her family members. She sees you watching and tells you about them; her daughter and her grandkids visit her regularly.

When we walk down her street, everyone smiles and says Hi. They see us holding sweet treats and they ask politely for some. Some people call her peach because of her shape and personality. Once you finish she invites you around another time and her friendly smile fades as she walks away.

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