Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide and Seek in the Dark

The deep dark sky 
hangs over us 
as we exchange glances
We use are peripheral vision 
to find a hiding spot.
We should hide 
behind that wall.
Make sure were hidden 
before she finishes counting.
As we hide in the grassy hedge 
with black clothing 
we look like long black fish 
in a green sea.
This hiding spot is a bit risky.

Push up to the wall 
and stay there until we get found.
Be still, think fast, stay calm.
Try to whisper quietly, faintly, softly.
We huddle up together 
peeking out every few seconds 
we are Eagles eyeing our prey.
Though if we keep peeking 
we will get caught.

The seeker has given up hope 
she is alone in the dark 
sitting watching.
Our fingers clench into our palms.
Let's make a run for it!
On the count of three we run 
going in different directions.
Keep running!
Run as fast as we can!
Around the block and back again.
A hand manages to come close 
grabbing onto air 
trying to pull at our clothing 
We don't dare look behind
We try to go faster 
Though we’re out of breath
Our feet start to slam.
We've been caught!

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