Monday, 19 September 2016

Poison Princesses

This term at school we have been creating speeches we performed our speeches to the class, after that if we got voted in we went to finals where the judges chose places 1st 2nd and 3rd and highly commended. After that you made it to the rotary competition at Heaton intermediate. I made it to the finals.
My speech was called Poison Princesses it was about Disney princesses being not good role models for young girls.
I was learning to use language examples to hook the reader in we used rhetorical questions, vivid verbs, precise nouns, metaphors, similes, personification, repetition, alliteration, the power of three and imperatives. For example I used an imperative when I said picture this, think back put yourself and imagine.
I think my speech turned pretty well in the end my speech is well organised showing connections and flow between all important parts of my speech structure. May of my ideas connect to the point of view. I used several language devices  to persuade and connect with the audience, my sentences were in the correct tense. Though I was getting quite worried because at first there was lots of describing words. But before the semifinals, Mrs Bentall helped me fix all of that up and after I felt relieved.
Please click here to listen to my speech or read it below.

Who's your favourite disney princess?
Is it Merida? Snow White? Pocahontas?
Think back to their beautiful features. Do you like their long, modest, silky ball gowns that slink to the floor. Or perhaps, their gorgeous pure gold crowns that sparkle as soon as you put them in the sunlight. Or is it their, bouncy, soft, deep curls that froclck in the wind.
Many people idolise the Disney princesses that we love and cherish today. Lots of young girls have themed parties about them, try to act like them, dress up like them and watch their movies over and over again. But is that such a good idea?
I think that disney princesses aren't good role models for young girls.
Imagine you're in an underwater kingdom. The wind whispers, bright birds turn into colourful exotic fish swimming beneath your sides. You recognise a mermaid swimming past, it’s Ariel from the little mermaid. With her long Aqua tail and wavy red hair. You start to remember her story. She wanted to be with Prince Eric so badly she changed her appearance just to get him to be with her. She even replaced her tail with feet after a dodgy deal from Ursula. If a young girl wanted to be exactly like Ariel they might want to change their looks just to be with a man she saw walking past! Which they don't have to because girls need to know they can look however they like whether other people like it or not.

Now picture a grassy field, flowers singing to the beat of the wind, A blonde long ponytail is lowered from the top of a brick tower. You remember the hair as Rapunzel and think about her story. She wanted to go and see floating lanterns but her so called “mother” wouldn't let her, even though she was told not to leave the tower. But still she left the tower and disobeyed her guardians orders. Young girls need to know that they should respect their parents, the last thing we need is children not listening to other people…

Finally put yourself in a faraway kingdom, remember inside the movie, Frozen. Anna, the princess with red plaits gets engaged to Prince Hans, who she only just met. Elsa, her sister, freezes Anna's heart. Only an act of true love would save her. They bring her back to Hans, but he doesn't kiss her so when Anna saves Elsa from Hans the curse is broken.

Frozen is a very good, well known movie. But it has a negative message, because Anna gets engaged to Hans, even though she has just met him. Can you Imagine meeting a guy, and in ten seconds you decide to marry him? Girls need to be independent.

What kind of world are we living in if people treat made up characters as real role models and encourage their kids to watch them? To prevent this bad behaviour I think Disney should work on the character's personalities.
Make princesses that are all different shapes and sizes, princesses that aren't perfect and don't worry so much about how they look. Have girls who listen to their parents and respect them.

Have independent girls that know they will be ok without men. I would like to see a princess like this. Or maybe we could assure people to idolise someone in the real world, not just brainwashed Disney princesses.
Still I think that current Disney princesses aren't good role models for young people.

However, there is a new princess coming next year, she is one of the not very many Disney princesses with a culture. Her name is Moana. She will have thick brown hair, wear native island clothing and be a strong, independent adventurous princess. I'm very excited to see her movie. I think there should be more princesses like her, princesses that don't have to be so superficial. Think about it for a second. Now who’s your favourite Disney princess?

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