Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term 1 Art Learning

This term I have been learning about different elements of music, what they are, and what they mean and how we can use them in pieces of music. To show my learning, I created a soundscape based on a poem I wrote.

My soundscape is a relational, because although I had trouble finding sounds that would fit with my lines, I also kept using the same elements such as ostinatos a few different tempos, patterns and a warm tone colour. I used a pencil sharpener to represent a tram, giggling to represent my sister and I having fun, a hissing sound to represent my cat, stomping to represent my beat, playing G and the strumming to just make it feel more upbeat.

Overall I feel quite proud about my soundscape, but I could of worked on my sounds a bit more. I helped other people on the soundscape for a bit too long.

This is my artwork of my Waka, Mountain, Family and River.

Tucked away to the side of my 
garden lies the 
pergola, very durable and strong 
standing tall and 

From outside in her basket
starts barking, a deafening 
a lion, 
protecting itself,
my cat’s 
loud hiss 
silently creeps back to the shadows.

Hiding from beneath 
the bed, 
and I test the camera 
chuckling and giggling,
laughs out.

where the tram goes 
out at 
the  musty old 
radio station smells of 
old vanilla,
a warm
friendly smell.

on top of my body,
my cow blanket,
covered with petals, 
is silky soft.

Hidden inside the waves 
me and my friends,
up and down 
a squeal, 
squeak, and 
through the distance.

This is Christchurch, 
Christchurch is my home.
This is my Christchurch is my home poem.

This is a link to my soundscape I made for my poem.

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