Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Sadness In A Birthday Cake

Pom Poms batter
in the wind,
gently swaying.

Gloom echoes
through the walls.
My heart 
is about to fall.

Breath fogs the room-
a whistle
being muted 
to its death.

My family
are eagles 
watching the cake. 
Their eyes riveted, 
they sadly gaze
at their prey.

Each bite of cake
rubs together 
in my mouth,
like sandpaper rubbing
in my fingers.

Would Dad want us celebrating without him?
Will he still be the same?
Will we ever see him again?

Cynthia's Birthday Harry Linley Richardson
After writing this, I went to http://christchurchartgallery.org.nz/collection/69-106 and found that that the children were not sad they were bored for the fact, their father was painting a picture.



  1. Good on you for checking out about the artwork Soraya. Did you see that Harry Linley Richardson liked his family to pose while he painted? Can you imagine then what it must have been like for his wife (and baby) holding the pose for 'Bathing the Baby'?

  2. Soraya I love the its beautiful I feel peace when I read it

  3. Cool story, it was full of amazing detail. I like the bit when you said would dad want to be celabrating with us?