Sunday, 6 December 2015

Up Up Up and Away

I hear the propeller getting ready to take off. I hold tightly to Grace and Laura’s hand. I'm glad I'm not squished between my Grandparents, like I when I Woke up one night thinking I had heard a robber. I look back to Grace and Laura; they are focused on reading a book.

The big, white bird was now soaring through the sky. I looked down the aisle and saw there was a little room that had a red curtain, blocking all the secrets hidden within. I walk, slowly pretending to go toilet but instead trying to peep in. IMAGINE, a superstar behind the curtain waiting to burst out and sing. 

There starts to be some movement under me. I run back to my seat, and the plane starts to rise. This was like my summer years, in the backyard, where me and my best buddy used to have a small aircraft model, with a small padded button, that connected to the model. When we stood on the button, the plane went straight up into the air. For hours we just hopped and hopped on the button screeching with laughter “The Old Days” I sigh.

A loud sound interrupts my daydream, the type of sound of a propeller and an engine and a sort of thumping noise, it started to sound a buzzing noise too.
My arms start to shake, my legs too, I look out the window. Everything looks like a quilt my Auntie made for me. Suddenly something went ‘pop’ and the whole world sounded funny.

I start to think. What if I fall out of the plane? I can imagine my small, flimsy body tipping out of the huge plane, only the idea scares me, making me jump.

I look out the window again. Outside the lights were like coloured stars, or fireworks on New Year's Eve, and how when we look up we scream pretending we can overcome the sound but we never can. In my head I say “This is nice. I like this.” The plane ride wasn't that bad.

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