Sunday, 6 December 2015

Candy Land

I wake up feeling the hot blistering sun melt and burn me. I fell something round underneath my gummie feet. I look up to find other gummy bears racing across the M&M pebble path made with chocolate pieces coated with multi colors. On every step we take, my gummy feet hit the m&m path crushing the delicious chocolate treats.

My Gummy friends Amy and Soraya are playing on the Pebbles too.
“Soraya, Amy, Let's go and explore candyland” I call.

We enter a grand, wood, hard, white chocolate door leading us to a empty space with milky white walls, and crooked, stained white, pine, candy floor. In the middle of the room was a round portal, looking like a black soup but smelling of strawberries with a whole lot of fruity candy mixed in like a yummy juice. On the outside of the portal was a thick and hard dark chocolate piece forming around the murky juice portal, with white flavouring sprinkles swirling inside.Infact years ago the room was filled with gummy bears singing songs, party's, even clubs until a wicked witch made all colors disappear. A liquorice wicked witch with a squishy, gummy wond now the room is forbidden for good. The queen thinks she might come back but everyone now knows she is dead.

Surrounding us are mini gummy towels with stripes made with rainbow colors and cocktail umbrellas array all over the sand. We go to the beach and lie down on the sand made out of tangy banana flavoured sherbet. The sea is made of blue jelly the rocks are made of overgrown rock candy and we dip our feet in the cracks feeling the blue jelly.

There's a cliff made out of cocoa powder, we jump right off the tippy top, because there is a candy floss foam pit with a soft landing at the bottom. But most of the time we get stuck right in the middle of the delicious pink sugary fluff, because the foam pit is 18 meters deep and 22 meters wide, but I guess you could eat your way out. The longest it has taken someone to crawl out of the candy floss foam pit is 4 whole hours. Because it normally sucks us in like quicksand pulling our gummy arms and legs like a big grumpy monster. It is worth the pain just getting a second of flying in the air looking over at all the different colors and candy with a soft landing of candy floss at the end.

A stream flows next to the chocolate cocoa mountain at slow pace, instead of having water like any other old stream it has thick creamy chocolate oozing down from a waterfall filled with melted chocolate sprinkling over the long strip of chocolate ooze filling the stream, and our nostrils are filling up with the bubbly taste of the amazing chocolate  stream. The stream runs across the streets of candy land filled with chocolate fish with fluffy marshmallow in the middle and Swedish fish in all sorts of different colours. The fish are flourishing in all directions. We put our feet in and they get swarmed with chocolate delightfulness and small sweet tangy fishes playing around like toddlers in a shallow swimming pond.

In the distance there are some jet planes having a race in the boiling hot air. It's so hot that the jet planes only go 100 on speed they could go way faster even on a stormy day. You guys have to know about the cute banana boats well actually canoes they are so cute they are little banana lollies with little holes in the middle of them so gummie bears like us can hope in and paddle for some good exercise. The cute paddles are made of a hard candy that is brown which blends in with the chocolate stream. 

As we glance up we see the melting banana fruit burst sun. As the sun drips its juiciness on the green liquorice grass, the grass shrinks its way down into a puddle. The puddle is so hot that we can smell the smoke of the grass burning its way up our nostrils. The  marshmallow pillow plopped beside her gummie cat that is named Pebble kins. Normally the queen would seer out her window watching Pebble kins play on the chocolate pebble stone path, but today it seemed different. A liquorice guard of the queens came up to the queen,excuse me your majesty I have some unfortunate news" “and what is that unfortunate news” “your cat has been catnapped and he took a sad looking bow and walked slowly to his spot ."don't just stand there find my cat Pebble kins.” The catnapper had a black face mask made of a thick type of liquorice, he had a lollie bracelet coated in hard candy jewels with a milky way bar dripping down into a shape of a skull. He definitely didn't look the prettiest, Infact there are millions of wanted posters and pamphlets all over the candy lands lampposts, gates, fences and even houses.

We head off to lollipop forest we skip along the pebble path way and glance at the multicolored lollipops.It Seemed like that they were getting taller just like stairs getting higher and higher and higher. We peer further into the distance and see gummie bears heaving themselves up onto lollipops and using them like catapults, bouncing from one lollipop to another until the gummy would land on the grass. As we head  to the end of lollipop forest we see two candy canes, stripy red and white. We would usually never see candy canes but because it is close to Christmas they are starting to bloom. But we are only aloud to look because the queen has protected them meaning we are not aloud to touch pick or even put things next to them.

As we stare further we see houses, wafer houses stuck together with caramel oozing down from  the cracks, chocolate fingers outlining the Windows and a mint colored icing for the chimney covered in chocolate chips melting as the air gets hotter. As we glance through the windows we see nothing but a room with a few cotton candy blankets with orange pink and blue, there was splotches of  different colors all over the walls. We look through a window of a different house there was a computer, a different kind of computer to the one back at home. This computer is a white box covered  in candy, looking like glossy, edible, jewels.This keyboard is made out of a dark chocolate, and I think someone got a bit  hungry because there is a big bite mark on the bottom left corner taking off the capital letter button and the emoji button and the one two three number button. Inside the the bite mark there is a creamy white chocolate dripping onto the lime green hard candy table.

It's almost the end of our dream we better wake up now.
Unfortunately it is time to wake up from this wonderful and exciting dream.
“We have had a spectacular time here and now we have to leave.”
“I know this has been an awesome adventure and now it's over.”
“At least we can say to mum and dad that we actually jumped into our dream of going to candy land.”
“Hey do you think we will be full of sugar when we wake up?”
"We may of even put on a few Kg’s knowing we ate half of candyland!”
“Who knows maybe you will go to candland someday too.”

We open our eyes seeing the normal sun peaking through the gap of the curtains. We notice that we are not in our amazing dream. We are back to our normal life with no lollies and no sugar. But we still go to the candy shop, and the shop owner seems mysterious like we have seen him before. 
“Hey” calls Soraya “I saw you in candyland” and the shop owner gives us a wink back with a friendly smile.
By Lily, Amy and Soraya

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