Thursday, 29 October 2015

You're supposed to be MY best friend

My little sister, Lily is normally very annoying, like younger siblings normally are, but one day I learnt a small fact about her.
“Beat you there Lily,” Stella (My little sister's best friend) insisted.
“Wait for me you guys,” I cried out. I watched them race to the playground. My sister Lily had arrived first. She decided to play on the swings that had four sides and needed four people to ride on them.
“Wait there Lil, I will help you get up.” I went over to help them up. After a lot of pushing and swinging, Stella had swung enough.
“I don't want to play anymore, Lily lets go play with the hula hoops,”
“No!” my sister shouted back.
“Fine, I will go play by myself.” Stella was starting to get frustrated. After a while Stella came back and kept asking and insisting,
“Lily, you keep playing with your sister and not me!”
“You're supposed to be MY best friend!!!”
“Who cares Stella, stop asking,”
“Lily please!”
I sat there, wanting to sort it out, but not trying to interfere.
“Fine Stella, if you really want.” They went off to play on another piece of playground equipment, and played happily as if nothing had happened. 
This was not like my sister, she was never like this. Stella didn't seem to mind, she agreed happily and they both mentioned to me that the other friend was playing more with me. But I learnt my sister is getting older; she is annoying, but actually I still like her, even though she is not MY best friend ever. I thought this day couldn't get any worse than having two six years old to play with, but I was wrong.

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