Monday, 12 October 2015


It was excruciating. My leg felt as it had never felt before. Everything went like a blur, in slow motion...

I had felt tired and didn't want to go to a friends house that night. I brought my favourite blanket with the two princesses on it and my white fluffy pillow, dragging them on the floor. Mum promised we would watch a movie so I believed her and agreed. A large elephant appeared on the television's screen, singing and dancing. I didn't like elephants. 
Mum was setting dinner, and I remember her carrying a tray with curry on it, taking the tray to the table and setting dinner. I stared out the window. The movie we were watching was a bit boring and wasn't very interesting, probably because I was only five. I didn't understand everyone was trying to find something fun to do, and a distraction caused a feeling of relief. I saw a family friend jumping on the trampoline, his legs moving monotonously as he bounced quickly. This gave me an idea.

Opening the rustic doors that were hard and heavy, I scurried like a once stuck pig that had been set free over to the trampoline. That sound was intimidating me. It was a hard sound to describe, like the sound of a pig coughing. The echoing sound rose in my head. I looked around to see six year old Nick was following me. I looked over to the trees and ran, not looking back the courtyard. I felt old and dustier than usual; the night had a creepy feel to it. I knew Nick was still behind me, but every step he took he got closer. That crunching sound under my feet made me want to cover my ears and scream. He was taller than me and I found that scary. I ran, my feet burning on the concrete ground over to the tramp with no sides and a rule that only two children should be on it at a time...

As I got to the trampoline Nick clambered on too. At first it was fun, I loved it. My arms were draped on my sides as I slumped, being bounced by the two boys. By the time I realised I should listen to the rules, I felt myself flying… and flying... and in that second I knew it was too late. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. 

I realised what had just happened when I landed in the most awkward position that awkward positions had ever been in. I heard a snap. At this point I could feel myself shaking. The boys were peering over me, and water was dripping out of my eyes. It was excruciating. My leg felt as it had never felt before, and everything went like a blur in slow motion. I had had just been bounced up by Joseph and then I felt another person bounce at this point, and my brain flickered. As I went flying after this I clutched my feet in pain. After a few humiliating seconds, Mum came over and picked me up, clutching me. We both knew something was very wrong, so she lay me down on the couch.

After this, the whole world was a frozen world waiting to be set free. I can't remember anything really. They took me to hospital and everyone was like clouds fluttering around me. They laid me down and I had to breathe in this tube that tasted like strawberries. I had an X-ray and found out I HAD A BROKEN LEG. It was really sore. 

I had to go back for check ups and it always hurt. They had put a white cast on, and then after a few weeks  asked what color I wanted. Like every other five year old girl, I wanted a pink cast. I got one with pink plaster and sparkles. I still have the cast now; it's hidden at the back of the wardrobe. But last of all I can't ever forget the shocking moment of my leg being revealed...

Mum had promised that we wouldn't have any more casts after this one was taken off, so I agreed happily. Smiling, we went into a big room with a hospital bed they told me to lie down. I quietly obeyed. Then a big scary tool from the ceiling came down, staring at my toe with its pointy teeth nearly hooking into me. The lady took a hold of it, and before I knew it, the monster was drilling into my cast. 

It actually tickled. It didn't hurt. It was all over. I sighed with relief. No more hospitals or attention, and at last this heavy pink leg wasn't on me. 
Finally I looked at my leg and shrieked! It was not only covered in plaster, but was REALLY REALLY SKINNY. It wasn't long before they put on a bandage to make it look thick - that helped.

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