Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The horrified face

Do you ever have that feeling where all the blood rushes up to your face and you look and feel like you're a giant strawberry?   You feel like you want to curl up and die. You should know this happens to everyone if they like it or not.  It's all funny to it happens to us.

It was one of those baking, blistering summer nights, where you suddenly wake up and toss and turn and can't get back to sleep even if you really try.  My nightie swivelled around me like I was sausage and it was the bread.

Then I heard a Knock Knock Knock on the front door (silence), Mum was in the garage, the dusty,  room she is always nagging herself to go out and clean.  I didn't.'t want to answer the door, afraid of who was on the other side. In my bedroom I knew I was safe.

But then I heard footsteps. They were quiet,secretive. I hid behind the wall in my room and peeked out the window. There at the doorway were two teenagers - laughing and giggling. This will teach them a lesson, I thought. I crept out of my room, snuck up to the door, and opened it suddenly to give them a fright. But no one was there.

Then I felt it. A dry taste in my throat tickled me as slight wave of someone's arms clasped over me. I screamed and suddenly  opened my eyes to a hole of blackness and could just make out the lamp on my bedside table.   Oh a nightmare.. Just a nightmare I tell myself just a nightmare.

Some time later, on A sunny day in the holidays, I was in my bedroom playing and mum was outside, getting stuff out of the car.

Suddenly, A loud  knock, knock, knock interrupted my role play as a receptionist. It was the door. My dream flashed through my mind. I felt the butterflies return to my tummy. Nah I'm older now I shouldn't believe silly stuff like this.

I walked straight up to the door, touched the handle , pulled the door opened and I.......

Shrieked! I shrieked with a shocked look, then slammed the door in his face. My heart was hammering out of my chest.  Uh… the blood rushed to my face. I probably shouldn't have done that.

I went back to slowly open the door. A man was standing there, an absolute innocent man. I took one big look at him and his face was so shocked he just stood there. I turned a darker shade of tomato red. Still panting, I couldn't talk.

"Come... In...Wel...come"  I stuttered.

He asked if this the right house for Monica. I just smiled and said politely umm wait here. I left and told my mum that there was a man standing there - but not that I had screamed at him and slammed the door in his face.    

I hid behind that same wall. I watched him stand there with a suit on - he was a designer so he had notebooks and looked like a loveable person just here for a catch up and some tea for our design plan. Not a trick like those teenagers.

I should be happy that that innocent man did not tell my mum, she would have been shocked and probably laughed, but maybe he was just as embarrassed as I was.

Remember it's all funny until  it happens to us.

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  1. Well done soraya I think that you have put so much effort into writing that, all of your great description really grabbed my attention. I was actually imagining everything that was in that story good job