Monday, 21 September 2015

The Arts Reflection

This term, we have been learning about kotahitanga, Whānaunatanga and manaakitia and how audience and the performers can connect. We watched plays, and thought about them. Then we started to do this ourselves. We created a play and went to the city to perform.
He Tangata's performance in the city when really well, I had a great day with my family, whānau. My proudest and best highlight, was when my whole class got up to dance to celebration music and we invited others to join in too. I used Whānaunatanga, by bringing up my Mum and family to dance, and also we were dancing all together like a big happy He Tangata family all together. For example, when the music started I invited Mum up to dance to encourage others to do the same too. We were learning to connect to our audience so we brought our parents up to dance.  I enjoyed dancing with my Mum, I felt proud and happy. After this everyone went home happy.

I can continue to use these, like if I do busking or do a play I'm connecting to the community for example, I get some friends and we perform at the park.

The audience went home happy, and we heard some of the comments they had made to our performances this made us feel as we had achieved something, as we did but this made us feel proud inside of us. After the day we were all pleased with ourselves, examples of this is I saw everyone having a good time we were using manaakitia by clapping and making someone feeling welcome as they were performing.

I think now I can identify how to connect cultural values, like the ones I have just mentioned I have been doing this for quite a while and I'm starting to identify ways I can explore connections in life, as I mentioned my next steps will be to reach extended abstract making connections to life.

This is whānaunatanga.

This is a link to my dance.

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