Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Science Reflection

This term I  have been using these six qualities of a good scientist to help my learning in science inquiry. Here they are:


  • Recording my findings from the rivers we went to.

  • Taking photos of the right river I wanted to include in my pamphlet.

  • Using my gantt chart so I know what I am doing in the day.

  • Making a graph of the results I have.

Making decisions

  • Taking action and doing instead of just thinking.

  • Choosing what topic/option to do.

  • Writing in my gantt chart to decide what to do and when to do it.

  • Choosing whose point of view to believe if one person says one thing and another person says another thing who should I believe.

Being curious

  • Wondering what bugs are what on the invertebrate survey.

  • Finding the answers to my questions.

  • Looking for more information.

  • Making notes if someone is telling me something.

  • Struggling.

Asking questions

  • Using the strategies on the wall.

  • Finding the right person to ask.

  • Going to a different place to find out what I need.

Being honest

  • Taking photos to show you are right.

  • Making careful observations.

  • Using words that are powerful but true.

  • Having proof.

Being creative

  • Using unique ideas.

  • Looking for the detail.

  • Using bright colors to catch someone's eye.

  • Looking closely.

  • Seeking critique feedback.

This term we have also been doing inquiry projects on waterways. I used most of these things for my project. I chose to do a design project with Izzi. First we made a gantt chart then studied plants. We went and had a look for good plants at our school and went to Jocelyn, a member from EcAn. She gave us some advice so we had a lot of knowledge. After all of this so we drafted a pamphlet telling people about what we were learning and we made a design plan. We sought critique and feedback and then we were ready to do our real copy. This went well but sometimes we didn't agree on stuff and had some fights but it was quite fun. We sometimes stayed on task but sometimes we were off task.

Before each session we used a gantt chart this told us what we were going to do and who was doing it. During each session we used strategies to make our learning extend and after each session we used a stuggleometre. This is when we decided how well we used the strategies that day. I think that I improved on my river knowledge and when I am older I do not want to be the person who pollutes the rivers.

This is my first draft of my pamphlet.

This is my final copy.

This is my explanation of rivers and safety.

This is my final design plan for the Dudley creek.

These are my questions for Jocelyn.

These are my answers from Jocelyn.

This is my Gantt chart.

This is my struggleometre.

These are the learning strategies I used.

My finished caterpillar.

The drafts of my caterpillar.

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