Monday, 20 July 2015

Maori ritual reflection

These two terms I have been learning about enjoying and participating in Maori ritual and how Maori culture is important to our land. At the start of the year I felt a little bit lost, I understood and enjoyed singing a waiata but not anything else. By the end of term one I felt like a bit better, I started to enjoy lots of ritual but I sometimes I made mistakes.

Now I feel much better about Maori ritual, I enjoy all rituals and I know when and why we use them. By the end of term one I had learnt quite a bit so I took the next step and started liking many rituals. This term we went to a powhiri and experienced all rituals, this made me go from liking some rituals to all rituals. My goal for the future will be to be a role model, be able to explain and teach another culture the way we do in New Zealand and have them experience the way I did. This is important to me because if someone asks me to share my mihi or to share a waiata in a marae, I want to be able to say yes I can do this and be a good person, not say no because I don't even enjoy or understand Maori ritual. Here is a audio link to our performance and explains our learning:

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