Sunday, 15 March 2015


There I was trying to find number 18 in orienteering. I was with my three friends Rebekah, Madison and Mana. We were on a wooden bridge over a stream. This knowledge was not helping - we were tired, furious and stressed. Our backpacks were weighing us down ‘Where is number 18?’ was my only question.

I shouted "We have to keep trying keep trying!"  I searched the area again and  again but couldn't find anything. I had a surly face.

Do I have to be working this hard? I can't do do this. I really regretted trying. So I sighed a deep sigh.

"Soraya," Rebekah moaned. "Can we please stop finding number eighteen? Let's try some more numbers."

"Fine," I said but deep down I didn't want to - I wanted to win.

We agreed to search other areas (but I didn't. I secretly really wanted to win).   As we departed the area we heard squealing children. As we walked past, we saw they were doing low ropes -they were having so much fun. "I wish our group was doing that," Madison sighed. Same. We couldn't help but agree: this is boring.

This is too hard.

After we had searched other areas we were nearly finished so we decided to come back to number 18, only to find that another team had found it located on the outside of the bridge.

We were thrilled to bits inside. We were filled with joy to have found it. Next time we could have thought about not just looking in something but around it.

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  1. I love how you started your story in the middle of the orienteering it reminds me of when I did orienteering. Thanks Maddie